The P448 Sneaker Care Guide


The P448 Sneaker Care Guide.

Buying less and extending the lifetime of your products are simple ways to live more sustainably. With that in mind, we’re excited to introduce you to the P448 Sneaker Care Guide with tips on how to extend the longevity of your favorite sneakers. As always, we personally think they look best worn in!


Regular, Recycled & BioVegan

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Use a lightly dampened clean cloth to gently wipe the dirt off. Do not brush vigorously.


Regular & Recycled

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Suede is delicate. Our recycled suedes are not treated with harmful chemicals which makes them even more delicate. We recommend bringing sneakers with suede and recycled suede to a cleaning expert or just very lightly wiping away any dirt with a suede brush. Avoid getting shoes wet.


Haircalf, Glitter & Canvas

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Haircalf, glitter and other specialty materials are very delicate and can be hard to clean. Avoid wet or muddy areas. We recommend bringing them to a cleaning expert. The canvas can be cleaned with an ultra soft brush to gently wipe away dirt.


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For pure white soles, use a damp cloth to wipe the dirt off the sole as the first option or remove the dirt using a new piece of white rubber to literally erase it. For colored or distressed soles, use a damp cloth to gently remove surface dirt. Do not rub vigorously or use harsh chemicals as the distressed look and color may fade.

When in doubt, reach out to us at – we’re here to help!

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